Fix the Weather: A small interactive game case

Fix the weather was a fast 1-week group project on Game Design. Our main goal was to create an interactive game with a sort of unconventional input. After brainstorming on different ways of interactions and game concepts, we decided to combine a simple idea with a not-so-conventional input for a computer game. The idea was that the player would have to clear a miserable sky full of clouds in order to bring some sunshine to the screen and hopefully their mood as well! With a webcam input, the player would “intrude” the virtual game space and clear the sky by moving their body in front of the screen. When the player’s body “touched” a cloud, the cloud would go away, the sky would get clearer and the player would score points aiming to beat the high score in a limited amount of time.

In order to test the concept and how interesting the interaction would be for the users, we conducted a test with a lo-fi paper prototype (see video [1] below). The users really enjoyed this first prototype and felt like they were in charge of improving the weather.

Based on the feedback we got from the test participants, we created a working prototype of the game written in Processing combined with OpenCV library for real-time computer vision. The beta version of the game was tested again with users (see video [2]) and their feedback was used to improve the game for its final version.

This project in keywords:

Game design, Processing, OpenCV, paper prototyping, user evaluation, brainstorming

What I did:

In this project I participated in the initial brainstorming as well as creating the lo-fi paper prototype and design the testing method. I also took part in every stage of the user evaluation.

Evaluating the concept of the game with a paper prototype! [1]

Evaluating the beta of the game! [2]


Stan Ackerman’s Institute – User System Interaction, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


In this project I worked with Prina Bajracharya, Tanya Zavyalova and Biyong Zhang.