SAS / Car reservation flow

Car reservation flow in Production: Car Availability Results page

SAS is not just about flights; SAS wants to make travel easier for Scandinavia’s frequent travelers. Offering ancillary services to our customers is one of the key business strategies that SAS invests more and more. SAS has been offering negotiated prices for car rentals through partner car providers to our customers, but never through SAS’ own portal. The traveler would always need to go to every provider’s own site and then claim the SAS negotiated fare.

I led the project for integrating a dedicated car reservation flow into SAS’ website, where the user is presented with a comparison of results for cars and prices between all our partner providers and is able to reserve a car without having to pay online, but at the rental station at the time of pickup. The user can of course also retrieve their booking and also cancel it.

The car reservation flow is in production in all 26 SAS markets and in 7 languages.

This project in keywords:

Project leading, UX Management, QA planning and testing, User requirements analysis, Business requirements analysis, Wireframing, UI design, Visual design, Photoshop, E-commerce

What I did:

I was the project leader for this project, was responsible for the UX management and also the UI/UX design. I also planned and led the QA testing. I managed our SAS team (1 front-end developer, 1 sales manager), and led all the communication with the project team in Amadeus(SAS’ GDS provider) (1 product manager, 1 implementation engineer), regarding time planning, development, business requirements.

The standalone car reservation tool is a white-label product of Amadeus, however lots of thought was put into customizing as much as possible the UX and IxD of the site like filters, sorting, features and content placement for example. I did an initial wireframe to evaluate how much of my design requirements could be met with just CSS and JavaScript customization. After discussing my UX requirements with Amadeus and the front-end developer I did another iteration based on their feedback, this time with a pixel-perfect visual design for the front-end developer to execute.

I also created high-level UI designs and use case specifications for dynamic cross-selling widgets, to be used in the flight confirmation pages and other market strategic points.

I planned and led the QA testing and was responsible to organize, plan and sign-off the release of the product in all SAS markets.

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