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SAS Mobile website, Search pageSAS used to have a mobile website since the early WAP times. And its design was exactly that; early ’00s plain HTML.

In spring 2013, SAS released their first dedicated transactional apps for Android and iPhone. It was time for a new mobile website too, to accommodate for easy booking and access to personal EuroBonus pages via a mobile phone.

I was assigned to lead the UX & UI design and UX management for this project. I worked on designing the mobile booking flow, EuroBonus pages, sign up and sign in flows among other features.

You can visit the SAS mobile site here.

This project in keywords:

User requirements analysis, Stakeholder requirements analysis, Wireframing, UI design, Visual design, Paper prototyping, Photoshop, UX Management, QA Testing, Mobile website, M-commerce

What I did:

In this project I led the UX and UI design for the new mobile website.  I was responsible for the UX management in our SAS team (2 project managers , 2 tech leads, 1 SW developer and 1 QA lead), and responsible for the UX-related communication with the project team in Amadeus(SAS’ GDS provider) (1 tech lead and 2 SW developers).

I started by defining an initial information architecture plan for all the different functionalities and content that we would offer in the mobile website. These would include sign up and sign in pages, personal profile/ EuroBonus pages and of course a booking flow among others.

Together with our tech leads, I mapped out and reviewed all the use cases and scenarios according to the business and user requirements in order to document the use case specifications.

The iPhone and Android apps had come first and one requirement was to reuse as much as possible from the functionality that was already developed for those; the booking flow in particular. However,  the design for the booking flow should cater for mobile browsing. This required a different navigation strategy and IxD approach than the one used in the apps, but still one that would help the user search for flights, select and pay fast and easy.

I focused on creating a UI that would offer a mobile optimized experience and that would be consistent with  the new refreshed look of SAS. I started by benchmarking other mobile websites that are leading in the m-commerce and then I got into wireframing the different flows. After testing with paper prototypes the basic flows, I did a detailed, pixel-perfect UI design for all the relevant pages: homepage, sign up, sign in , booking flow (flight search, search results & flight selection, passenger details, payment, confirmation pages), content pages templates, personal profile (EuroBonus) pages and more.

For the pages that are hosted in SAS own portal I worked hand-in-hand with our tech lead and SW developer in order to secure that all the business and UI requirements were executed according to the design.

The booking flow, which was the business critical part of the project, was developed by Amadeus. I led the UX management with Amadeus’ team throughout the development and cross-device UAT until the final sign-off, making sure the UI, interaction and error handling was developed according to the design and the business strategy.

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