SAS Scandinavian Airlines

sas logoSince March 2013 I work as an Interaction & UX Designer at SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Doing interaction & UX design for an airline company is exactly as interesting as it sounds! It entails designing for one of the biggest e-commerce & m-commerce sites in Scandinavia for leisure and business travelers as well as designing for travel inspirational features and apps!

Every digital touchpoint is designed by our Digital Experience team, which means that I’ve had the opportunity to work on the design of different platforms, not only the website (desktop & mobile) and the mobile apps (iOS, Android, WP8) but also on the design of large touch-screen displays (airport check-in kiosks, in-flight entertainment systems).

Usually I work with other designers, internal stakeholders, project managers, product owners, tech leads, SW developers and QA teams. In every project usually I jump between the roles of the UX/ΙxD designer, the UX manager and sometimes the Project leader too.

Designing new features for the website and the mobile apps or entirely new concepts, or improving the usability of existing ones, bigger or smaller, are both part of the job. Whatever the project and the complexity, I am responsible for the entire interaction design cycle and the UX management, always aiming towards achieving SAS Digital Strategy.

Usually it goes like this: An idea for a new cool feature that our users will love pops up! Or a new requirement from internal stakeholders lands on my desk! Or there’s an annoying problem that needs to be fixed asap!

I start with gathering and analyzing the requirements  in order to define the problem and translate it to real user needs. Sometimes it’s crystal clear. Sometimes it needs to be redefined.

Once the problem is defined through the user’s perspective then the fun part comes! It’s time to come up and propose a digital solution that secures good user experience and makes each user task make sense, no matter how complex the underlying processes or technology is.

Then wireframe and prototype the solution mostly on a high level, taking care of the visual design and securing the SAS brand as well.

Then…repeat! Prototype again and again and investigate whether the solution really solves the problem and adds to a flowing and efficient user experience. Test it. And again. Prototyping always ends with a detailed, pixel-perfect UI design.

I follow every project through the development to the QA testing and UATs until the sign-off, to make sure the design requirements are met before we release.

That’s everyday life as a designer at SAS in a nutshell.. when seen in slow motion!

Key projects I’ve worked on:

…or a few of my design babies if you like! You can find out more about these projects in the respective posts: