Design case: Mobile UI Redesign of Defender’s Quest desktop game

The goal of this design case was to redesign the interface of the PC game “Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten” so that it works on a smartphone device with a limited screen size.

I experimented on redesigning the combat screen and the functionality connected to it.

This project in keywords:

Mobile UI, brainstorming, requirements gathering and analysis, video prototyping, paper prototyping, high-fidelity prototyping,  user evaluation

What I did:

This redesign was a two-day experiment.

Check out the video prototype I made for the new mobile UI:

If you want to know more about the redesign, the design process and the rationales behind it, you can have a look at the full report for this design case here. This report includes the new mobile interface, the rationales for the design decisions taken as well as the methodology used to redesign the interface.


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