This project in keywords:

iterative user-centered design, brainstorming, interviews, scenarios, sketching, prototyping, Wizard of Oz, user evaluation

What I did:

In this 2-week project I was involved in all phases of the design. In the first phase I took part in the brainstorming sessions and the interviews with users and created some first paper prototypes for a few of the ideas which I also evaluated with users. In the second and final phase I took part in the implementation and evaluation of the low and high fidelity prototypes.

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Lo-fi  (stop-motion) video prototype of Gezellig

User evaluation of the hi-fi prototype of Gezellig


Stan Ackerman’s Institute – User System Interaction, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


In this project I worked with Duy Le, Paul Lehouck, Hans Sandberg and Azadeh Shirzad.